Saturday, July 28, 2012

Girls Day Out!

Things have been pretty hectic in my life as of late. Working seven days has been a killer and I just needed a day to just hang out and shop. So that's what we did today :) Sheryl had her first day (in a while) to shop and hang out while her wonderful hubby watched the munchkin... We had a whole day of boutique hopping and catching up time. It was exactly what the doctor ordered. We also got to meet up with some of my friends for a delicious lunch at Whole Ox Deli. Here are some pictures of the todays adventures. 

Always want to visit here but it's always closed

Best cheesecake ever! Try the root beer float if it's available 

Cute little boutique called Milk & Honey

One of my faves Roberta Oaks

The best smelling shop with the prettiest things...

Cute stationary display...

Pretty color scheme

Lovely lotions

Such a cute shop :)

Such an iconic sign

Interesting wall in Community

Pretty artwork...

"Porchettaboutit Doug" ORDER IT@... The Whole Ox

We moved to Waikiki after lunch but no pix from that trip... It was a shopping filled, relaxing day and I am pooped. I'll post some pictures of my buys later. If you're ever in Hawaii, shop downtown! Support the local businesses:) You'll find such unique pieces that you can't get at the mall plus you'll meet some really awesome people. 


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