Thursday, June 30, 2011

.:::.Wedding Colors.:::.

For those of you who know us Hij's you know that we are very ocean/beach oriented people. So it's only right that we have "beachy" wedding colors: CORAL, SEAFOAM GREEN, and SAND. Here are some wedding decor I found using our color scheme:




That's all for now :-) still hunting for more inspiring wedding things!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cake Toppers

So I found the cutest cake topper ever for our wedding cake. I just have to place an order for it and it's customizable so it's taking me a while to figure out what details I want on it. Here's some samples of what our cake topper may come out looking like:

Even Da Hij thinks they're cute :-) We haven't chosen our design or custom requests yet but I know it's going to be the cutest cake topper EVER!!! I'm so giddy and excited!!! What do ya think? Cute huh? :-)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

♥ Our Wedding ♥

Hi all, 

I've been MIA for a while... work got busy, I was a bridesmaid for my awesome friend Mel, and when I get home I just wanna veg out. My buddy Sheryl suggested that I needed a new muse to motivate me to keep on blogging. Right now, other than work, my wedding is all I'm thinking, dreaming, and planning. So that's gonna be my new muse :-) And maybe a few crafting projects or fish pictures if I get around to doing either of those things...

In the beginning, I was soooo excited. My best friend, the man of my dreams gave me the proposal of a lifetime and a beautiful ring:

Then the dream turned to reality, I had to start planning! A wedding doesn't just happen on it's own. Weddings require lots of organization and planning and $$$. For those who know me, I am a procrastinator... and I mean a professional one hahaha. So I started... I booked our venues a while ago, found a great photographer, and found an invitation that even DaHij loves:

Only Fish for Me Wedding Invitations

Then the excitement and motivation died... I thought eh, I have a year so I'm ahead of the game. Damn does time fly. I am now 8 months away from my date and I started freaking out! My girl friends had been bugging me to get my butt into some dresses. They  were more excited about it than me! 

So last Wednesday I finally took the plunge and went dress shopping for the first time... We hit up David's Bridal and honestly it wasn't the jaw dropping experience I imagined it to be. But then I went to another store in town on Saturday and my frown got turned up-side down :-) my energy and wedding excitement have been restored! I found two absolutely gorgeous dresses and a beautiful dress for my bridesmaids. Yay! 

Then yesterday my fiance and I met with our wedding coordinators Kelly and Karen, and florist Michael from [Rainforest Hawaii]... I was originally thinking of using dahlias for our bouquets and hairpiece because they are beautiful and full and they look like a pretty hardy flower. I didn't want something weak or wilty:

Dahlia Wedding Flowers

But after talking with Michael I found out that dahlia are actually extremely fragile :-( Booo! He said that once the under petals start to get a little beat up and you try to pull them out, the rest of the flower just starts to fall apart... I can't be having dead flowers all up in my hair or in my bouquet. 

My other choice for flowers were peonies. My mom absolutely loves peonies so I guess that love got passed down to me. But my impression of peonies was that they were on the more delicate side. Once again Michael corrected me! (He really knows his $**T) He said that because our wedding is in February and the weather is cooler peonies actually hold up pretty well. That made me :-)

Flowers to go with my wisteria colored David's Bridal bridesmaids dresses? :  wedding flowers bridesmaids purple dresses White


So I am happy to say that we are on our way! Progress, progress, progress! Meeting with our photographer on Friday then maybe some more wedding dress shopping on Saturday. Wish me luck and stay tuned for more wedding planning fun!